Case #1 - Implant

Implant placed and no bone graft was done. Provisional abutment torqued and provisional crown cemented. After 2/3 weeks you can see a healthy tissue around the provisional crown.

Case #2 - Implant

Implant placed and crown cemented 6 months later. The follow up, you see a healthy tissue around the crown.

Case #3 - Implant

Case #4 - Implant

Implant and bone graft placed, final crown cemented six months later. You can see the bone formation in the distal wall.

Case #5 - Implant

Tissue graft done for better prognosis. Crown cemented; follow up one and seven years.

Case #6 - Implant

Implants placed and old ones left unused. We had some aesthetic limitations but the patient was very happy with the end result.

Case #7 - Implant

Implants tilted to avoid sinus lift on upper

Case #8 - Implant

Patient came with a provisional bridge. Implants placed, some teeth used for the provisional made. After healing time, subperiosteal implant and roots left were removed and two more implants was placed in the posterior area. The final bridge cemented.

Case #9 - Root fractured

Implant placed and provisional made. Follow up 2 weeks

Case #10 - Implant

Implants placed in both jaw. Very atrophic maxilla. Sinus lift was done and six implants placed in the posterior regions.